This is the official blog of the SHE (Support.Hope.Empowerment) initiative.

SHE is a community development enterprise initiative of Inighi founded in Cross River, Nigeria.

The enterprise seeks to empower disadvantaged Nigerian youth (mainly women) by giving them access to relevant education, network and resources within the apparel industry.

Through this blog we hope to share narratives that empower.

We would be sharing the stories of the women that are empowering, we would take you to the communities we engage with and introduce you to all the partners we work with.

We would also be reaching out to young women that inspire us. Women below the age of 30 that are already on set paths to greatness. We would share their stories and be inspired by their narratives.

We are inspired by the desire to change narratives and for narratives to change new ones have to written.

We are inspired by WOMEN. We are passionate about WOMEN.

They are important. We are important. SHE is important.

SHE is you.